Nashua, NH Badminton Club

This club meets year-round up to several times each week at the new (as of May, 2011) Nashua YMCA (603-882-2011) at 24 Stadium Drive in Nashua, NH. If you look at the map from this link, the arrow labelled B is on the wrong side of Stadium Drive, but the YMCA is otherwise right in that area - it is right across the street from the stadium. This new YMCA is located off of Exit 5W of Route 3 in the same campus as Stellos Stadium and Conway Ice Arena. Take Route 111 West, away from Nashua Center, and turn right at the signal at Riverside St. Then make a left onto Stadium Drive. The club has its own web site at:

The club has also been getting some time slots at the Merrimack, NH YMCA.

Contact the YMCA or ask players on the club e-mail list for confirmation of the current time slots. Also, the players have classified the sessions as to when certain levels of play are expected.

Players tend to communicate by e-mail and via the sign-up system on the club web site to be sure there are enough (and not too many) interested players to participate on any particular day. Email communication is done via membership in a Google Groups group:

The group formal web-based signup system maximizes the attendance at 6 players for any given time slot, since only one court is available at this venue. The club determines levels of the participating players. Certain time slots may be for mixed play or for a prefered level. When there are too few players at a preferred level session, then any level player is welcome to sign up at some later time.

The per-visit fee is $10 for a non-member of the YMCA. Members are free. There are lower prices for seniors (65+).

This club cannot accommodate a large attendance. Only one court has been made available for badminton when play is scheduled.

Players are expected to bring feathered birds and drop one in a communal pile upon arrival. Thus far, attendance is mostly by mid-level players, but there are also both weaker/beginner and stronger/experienced players playing.

To subscribe to the email list, visit:

For any questions, you can email the club via the club web site, or contact the email list administrator at: