Malden, MA Badminton Club

Special Notices

The first session of the 2013-2014 Season began 6-Sep-13 and will continue through 22-Nov-13 for a total of 12 evenings. There is no badminton the day after Thanksgiving, 29-Nov-13. The hours are 7:00 - 10:00 p.m.

Last season, the club had been trying out nylon shuttlecocks. This is help in flight consistency and to avoid the cleaning up of feathers at the end of play. Feedback your comments later.

The school custodian has requested that the members, youngsters, and any attendees NOT to come and go (in and out) of the school premises frequently during the practice hours. The school will reserve the right to shut the door so people who go out of the building will NOT be allowed to come back in. He has also said the equipment which is in the gym cannot be used by attendees, such as kids and teenagers.

This very informal club meets nearly every Friday throughout the year at the Salemwood School at 529 Salem St. in Malden, MA. The school is closed in August for summer vacation, so there is no play in that month. The club does not meet on holidays nor when the school is on vacation or closed to due to the weather.

The club is organized by an Asian organization and thus many of the players are Chinese, but the club is open to all. This club is somewhat unusual in that youngsters (aged 5 - 15) are welcome to participate.

The gym has 5 courts. Two, on the left side of the large gym, and three on the right side. 21-point game rally scoring rules are used. You can read these rules here.

The fees for the first session of 2013-2014 can be paid in one of two ways:

you can sign up for a session membership for $55 ($25 for seniors aged 65 or over; $15 for ages 5 - 15), or
adults can pay a per-evening fee of $7 (unavailable for children - they must be season members in order to play).

These are Malden Badminton Rules and Regulations, last updated in January, 2008:

Please note the following safety rules and regulations effective immediately for participants for the MBC activities at the Salemwood School in Malden. These rules are in place to ensure that all participants/members can enjoy the activities in a safe environment which MBC provides. Thanks for your cooperation.

Participants/members are NOT allowed to use school equipment that is not designated for us to use; for example, gymnastic equipment and floor mats;
No arguing/pushing/fighting on the school premises;
Participants/members are to be courteous with school staff/custodians, as well as all other participants/members;
Children aged 12 or under must be accompanied by an adult/parent for the whole practice time.

You can contact the club organizers via the club's e-mail address,, or you can call:

Lawrence Lo at 617-331-4319, or

Robert Kwong at 617-960-4891.

Directions to the Club

In case you are using a GPS system to get to the club, note that it may take you on Salem St., which is a smaller street than Route 60. You may find it useful to tell your GPS your destination is 31 Branch St. Here is how to get there using major roads:

Malden Center is where Route 60 crosses Main St. On this corner is a Walgreens Drug Store, a Cingular store, Andrew Realty, and an office building. If you come here from I-93 along Route 60, this is about 1.9 miles from I-93.
From Malden Center, take Route 60 East for 1.2 miles.
After passing The Route 60 Plaza on your right, turn left at Maplewood St. There is a Papa Ginos on the far left corner.
Take the first left at Waite St. Extension.
Go straight, and you will see the school in front of you. You can drive under the interbuilding walkway and park. The gym entrance in on the left under that walkway. Go up one flight.