Welcome to MassBad

Dear Fellow Badminton Enthusiasts,

Welcome to Massachusetts Badminton Association which we lovingly call MassBad!  We continue our work to build a vibrant badminton community here for enthusiasts of all types, interests and levels of skill.  You can see some of the things we have accomplished in the past on another page of this website.  We are now adding a new special event – the USA Badminton Masters International. 

July 25 -29 this summer, we will welcome any and all badminton athletes over the age of 35 to join us here at the Boston Badminton Club in Westborough, MA for fun and games!  We anticipate hosting about 200 players from throughout the US and Canada as well as other countries.  Our organizing committee is hard at work planning all the details to make this a most enjoyable event for all both on and off the court.  Anyone interested in contributing to our effort should contact me – the more the merrier and we are a merry crew!  Please see our special Masters International page for details as they emerge.

For those of you under 35, we invite you to come help as well as spectate at this event to see what you can look forward to down the road!  You will find good times, great camaraderie and competition there …

In the meantime, I hope that everyone who wants to participate has found a team for this year’s MassBad Team Doubles Championships for A, B, C and D.  The popularity of this event continues to grow – last year we had 36 teams spread through the 4 divisions.  We actually should say 5 divisions as the popularity of C has necessitated our splitting it into C1 and C2.  While the A’s demonstrate amazing skill and tight competition, the other divisions feature much of the same energy and excitement, just with “a bit” less skill.  If you are still looking for a team, please contact me or Yvonne Chern!



Beth Sopka, President

Massachusetts Badminton Assn