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MassBad Membership Update Letter
August 11, 2021
Dear MassBad member,
So little but so much has been happening in badminton the last year and a half. We were about to launch the 2020
MassBad Team Tournament (MBTT) when covid took over the world. All but a few real diehards stopped playing
entirely until a few months ago but now it looks to me as though we have even more enthusiasts than before
coming out regularly to play! So good news seems to be following the bad news.
In the meantime, MassBad has been taking a closer look at the organization and what we do, how we do it, what
things we’d like to do better and what more we’d like to accomplish. More about these details later. The purpose
of this letter to you is to introduce you to Pramod Kankanala. His enthusiasm, ideas, passion for badminton and
desire to build even “more good badminton for all in the Bay State” (our MassBad motto) have convinced the
MassBad Board to vote to have Pramod succeed me as President. You will be hearing much more from him in the
near future about all those details I mentioned above.
I am thrilled to have Pramod take the reins from me after my more than 20 years of service to you all. I am
committed to supporting him as he makes the transition in the next year (and beyond) as much as he desires. I
hope that you all will pitch in when needed because there really is so much more we can do here!
I’ve attached a copy of the current MassBad Board and encourage you to look to our website in the coming
months as we will be trying to update and expand it to help communicate more effectively.
Thank you all for the many years of fun and badminton together!
Beth Sopka

Beth Sopka, President