Welcome to MassBad

Dear Massachusetts Badminton Enthusiast,

Thank you all for your interest and support for all things badminton over these many years.  As president of MassBad for at least ten years (maybe more, who’s counting?), I am very proud of the continued development of our sport for players of all levels and appreciate those who have volunteered in so many different capacities to help with this.  One measure of our success was the excellent 2015 Bay State Games competition this summer – the largest ever, drawing over 180 players – competing in events A, B, C and D levels as well as Masters and two levels of juniors!  Combined with our highly popular and continually growing MassBad Team competitions held annually in late winter / early spring and the Harold Seavey Masters each December, we really keep very busy!

This year, I am especially proud of the community we have built together - you responded with a tremendous outpouring of support for the people of Nepal in response to the devastating earthquakes they experienced.  Working with our good friend Pashupati Paneru, Nepali national champion who has lived, competed, coached and studied here for the past 6 years, we raised almost $6400.  In the process, we have forged a relationship with the Kailali District Badminton Assn in Pashu’s home district and we now look to raise additional funds to help them rebuild and grow badminton throughout Nepal.  To this end, Robert Morgenthaler is spearheading is now planning a charity tournament to be held Sept 25-26 at Boston Badminton Club.

Membership in MassBad has always been open and welcoming to all who live and/or play in Massachusetts.  We have only occasionally charged a membership fee on an as-needed basis, last assessed in 2012, in order to support our activities.  Our tournament fees, set to cover all direct costs, are kept as low as possible in order to keep them affordable by all.  While they occasionally afford us a bit extra for overhead expenses, our overall success and growth have led us to try to do yet more including hosting various national level events such as the national team trials for both junior and elite players.  Making these types of events available locally is valuable not only to our aspiring athletes but to all of us who would like to see top quality competition in person!

In order to continue badminton development here we have worked to improve our capability by formalizing our organization’s legal status as 501c3 tax deductible, providing better tournament management employing current software tools, provide support for emerging scholastic programs and for elite athletes needing assistance for international competition.  To do this, the Board voted last summer to institute a regular membership fee of $10 to be assessed annually.   Starting this competition season in September, only those paid MassBad members will be able to enter non-charity events.

Please help us continue to provide “more good badminton for all in the Bay State” by joining MassBad now.

Thanks for the many good times we’ve had together!  I look for many more to come!

Beth Sopka, President
Massachusetts Badminton Assn