Welcome to MassBad

More Good Badminton for All in the Bay State!!

February, 2019

Dear Fellow Badminton Enthusiasts,

Welcome to Massachusetts Badminton Association aka MassBad.  We are continuing our work of decades (How many?  I don’t know for sure but I can personally attest to more than 2!) building our vibrant badminton community here in Massachusetts for enthusiasts of all types, interests and levels of skill.  We have done so many different things – some annual events; some one-time – but all with the intention of living up to our motto shown at the top of this letter.

So, on that note, it is now time for one of our premier annual events –

MassBad ABCD Doubles Team Tournament!

We hope that you received our recent mailing about this year’s event with details about the changes taking place to help adapt it to make it even better.  Having started as an experiment 17 years ago, it has evolved from 3 ‘B’ teams (about 30 players total) to over 40 teams, spanning levels A, B, C, D and including the high school division.  With each team comprised of about 10 players, ...  Please look for more details elsewhere on this website and the link for online registration.  Deadline is March 15!

Looking further into the year, you can anticipate

  • Senior Games – May 18, Maugus Club, Wellesley
  • Bay State Games – June 21-23, Boston Badminton Club, Westborough

Our specific accomplishments in the past year include:

  • MA High School Championships
  • MassBad IHOB* Team in Northeast Region Coleman Cup - 2nd place in Division A!

                                       * International House of Badminton    

  • USAB Masters International
  • USAB Junior International Trials
  • Northeast Juniors Closed Regional Championships
  • technical support for Northeast Badminton Association’s fundraising for the Judy Devlin Fund for Exceptional Region Athletes

 There’s surely more but these are what come to mind readily.

We’ve been able to do all of this through your support as members.  While the events each pretty much support themselves through their entry fees, there are a number of hidden annual expenses required of MassBad to operate.  These include state filing fees to maintain our 501c3 corporation status, cost for licenses of both Tournament and League Planners, USAB club membership and other basic operating costs such as printer cartridges and paper.

Please renew your membership now so we can continue doing what we all like to do – play badminton!

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!



Beth Sopka

Beth Sopka, President